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Tanisha Arellano standing outside
Tanisha Arellano
Production Manager at Bonelli Doors + Windows

Joining the team as Operations Manager, Tanisha’s endeavors are aligned with her passion to build an unwavering team, delivering the highest quality product with the ultimate customer experience. A veteran of Pella Corporation since 2014, her endless curiosity and determination for creating unity has landed Tanisha in several cross-functional roles, in multiple locations. Before transitioning her family to the Phoenix Metro Area, Tanisha served as Production Manager in South San Francisco and Department Manager in Carroll, Iowa.

Prior to joining Pella Corporation, Tanisha was a young entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. Tanisha found success in gathering partners and starting from the ground up. From age 19-22 Tanisha had opened seven locations throughout Iowa. 

Tanisha achieved her B.A. in Business with a double major in Finance and Marketing, through Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Outside of work Tanisha, is passionate about improving her community. Tanisha was a pivotal resource in preparing the community and corporation for an expansion of diversity by uniting businesses, local governments and community outreaches to embrace new cultures, filling over 100 employment opportunities at her site. Tanisha also served as a founding committee member in the implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in her children’s school districts.