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Hillside House

Bonelli custom aluminum windows redefine home remodeling

You may find it hard to imagine that this contemporary residence perched on the South Bay hillside near San Francisco was once a conventional ranch-style home. Its transformation required a complete tear down and an astute architectural vision incorporating an artist’s mix of natural materials. Wood and concrete floors, steel ceilings and exposed beams laid the foundation for this remodel.

The project’s most crucial design element, however, is the direct set, sliding and casement aluminum windows and sliding and swing aluminum doors that performed beyond all expectation. After searching far and wide, the architects offered the project to Bonelli. Using Bonelli's custom aluminum product was the clear choice due to the reputation for excellence and limitless capabilities.

Uncommon craftsmanship brings modern design to light

The engineering team at Bonelli designed high-grade aluminum windows and doors that maximized this dwelling’s “glass-centric” style. Clear expanses of glass soar floor to ceiling. Sliding and casement windows provide ventilation while enhancing the open floor plan. Smooth-sliding aluminum glass doors invite outdoor beauty in without compromising performance or energy efficiency. For enhanced durability, a signature powder-coat finish was added to protect from wind, rain and temperature extremes.

Completing this bold remodel required extensive field time, precise measurements and a seamless collaboration between Bonelli and the architects at Studio Peek Ancona. The result showcases a one-of-a-kind home in its lush, natural surroundings. From the sleek facade to the spacious interior rooms, every space glimmers with the play of natural light.

Brilliantly built aluminum frames: a hallmark in window innovation

Bonelli Doors + Windows represents the forefront of aluminum design, not only for its stunning aesthetics, but a knowledge of how to build with light. While most construction materials have weight and mass, natural light is an ever-changing form and the Bonelli team incorporates it into every detail. Our master craftsmen engineer products that integrate light inside and outside a space; frame its beauty and provide function that lasts. We hope our passion inspires architects and homeowners alike to illuminate their visions in surprising new ways.