San Francisco, CA

Pine Street

Pine Street

Bonelli elevates the contemporary bay window

Traditional bay windows are often associated with Victorian architecture – think “The Painted Ladies” in San Francisco. Today, a modern apartment in that very city boasts aluminum bay windows from Bonelli that exceed all expectations. Standing among Nob Hill’s historic buildings, this dwelling showcases the cutting edge of contemporary design as it continues to embellish San Francisco’s classic urban skyline.

Custom aluminum windows deliver performance; redefine elegance

Bringing bay windows to this sleek tower of eight dwellings called for flawless engineering. Its unique structural design required that each window set be integrated as a pre-built unit. The flexibility and strength of Bonelli’s high-grade aluminum allowed for precise custom angles and a rake return not possible with normal aluminum products.

Simplicity belies the functionality of these finely crafted windows. Aluminum corners and a black anodized finish underscore their sleek sightlines with lasting durability and protection. Perhaps most impressive is the etched, matte glass. Finely processed glass frit is applied to each pane and fused at high temperatures. The resulting decorative patterns reduce glare, cut cooling costs and lower danger to birds.

Constructing a seamless collaboration

The Bonelli reputation for innovation is bolstered by a partnership with extraordinary architects. For this Bay Area project, a team at Kennerly Architecture & Planning provided the creativity, strategy and technical finesse to make the clients’ vision a reality. Open communication and constant fieldwork fostered an ideal experience.

From brainstorming concepts through to engineering the product designs, Bonelli thrives on transforming a passion for ideas into exceptional product solutions. Every detail is elevated so that both the architect's design vision comes to fruition and client's expectations are exceeded.