San Francisco, CA



Contemporary aluminum windows illuminate a dynamic home design

Years of substandard remodeling dimmed the glory of this century-old San Francisco residence. The clients, a documentary filmmaker and accomplished artist, sought to reclaim their space by creating an expanded open floor plan, exterior decks on two floors and a glass penthouse supported by a modernized steel exoskeleton.

It became clear during the concept stage that high-grade custom windows were the only way to achieve this project’s vision. The ideal solution required sleek frames of expansive glass that complemented every curve and line. Ample natural light should infuse the dwelling while also promising panoramic vistas.

Custom windows crafted for a stunning new geometry

The versatility and performance of Bonelli aluminum windows were the natural choice for this extraordinary house remodel. Architect Craig Steely, a partner with Bonelli on many projects, presented their team with a litany of unusual glazing concepts and complex configurations. Gently curved glass surrounding the penthouse; streamlined frames holding massive panes in the ceilings and wind-resistant windows attached to the exoskeleton were just some of the challenges. Bonelli crafted each product with technical knowledge and a rich depth of detail.

Solutions that defy the mundane and define a unique vision

Creative planning coupled with deliberate material selection helped produce this show-stopping wall of glass. The collaboration between Bonelli and Craig Steely Architecture ensured a seamless flow of ideas and solutions to maintain the highest levels of quality, beauty and performance.

Discerning contractors, homeowners and architects reach out to Bonelli for the ultimate in custom aluminum window and door design. Commercial and residential projects from coast to coast confirm our exceptional work. Regarding this remodeling project, we think Craig Steely himself said it best: “Xiao-Yen's project was one of our most successful. The Bonelli team is a great creative partner, indeed!”